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My Farewell

2009-05-28 01:16:46 by Caraboo

This is my farewell to hardcore medal getting.. I wish I could keep up but unfortunately I just don't have the time I thought I'd have over the summer. So good luck to all my recent competitors, and I hope to see you all again once school starts up in September.

Much love,

p.s. Say bye to me in a comment to make me feel good. :D

UPDATE: I'm back.. but fuck you guys.. only one farewell? Assholes..

im in yo networkz, gettins yur medalz.


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2009-06-01 23:43:21

Hope you return to medal collecting again soon. Gluck until next time.


2009-07-27 00:57:59

So do you want to be removed from the top 50 list by request, or do you want to stay up there?