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Pico Blast Walkthrough

2009-05-07 21:12:50 by Caraboo


Just because no one else has.. This is a walkthrough for the game: Pico Blast

NOTE: To get all medals you will have to play through the game TWICE! (OH NOES!)

Arrow Keys:
(Left, Right) - Move horizontally
Up - Aim up
Up with Left or Right - Aim diagonally up in that direction
Down: Duck
A - Shoot
S - Jump
Down + S - Power Slide
P - Pause
Q - Change Quality
CHEAT: G - Gives you any weapon you want normal and then with Spread shot

Face - Extra Life
S - Shoots the bullets in a spread.
B - Shoots 2 balls together
M - Missiles that auto-lock any enemy
F - Flamethrower
L - Laser

Kill the black flying balls of doom and pickup and power-ups they drop that you want. Jump up and over the wall and walk right until you get to the..

First Form:
At the start run to one of the sides because his first real attack is a double hammer slam to the middle with both hands. Your basic form of attack is going to be shooting at him directly under his hands. Focus one one hand until it is destroyed then go for the remaining hand.

He has 4 primary attacks: (These names are seriously horrible..)
Hammer- A hand will turn into a hammer and slam down in either the middle on it's side or the outside if it's side.
Laser Beam - One hand will open up to an antenna and go down on it's side and shoots a straight beam from it's side to the other side, covering almost the entire ground area.
Ground Beam - One hand will open up to an antenna and touch the ground on it's side, causing separate bolts to come up from the ground, with space in between them, heading away from the hand they came.
Fat Beam Ball - One hand will open up to an antenna and shoot a fat ass ball across the screen just above the ground.

NOTE: He will also sometimes shoot out the flying black balls that you encounter in the beginning of the game. They come out in groups of 3 or 4 and are harmless in the battle if you kill them quickly.

Avoid the Hammers by moving out of the way. They are fairly simple to avoid; power sliding works well. For the Laser Beams, just run across to the opposite side and wait under the other hand until the beam stops or if you're ballsy just get far enough on the side that it's coming from and you can chill under the hand and shoot it while it does the attack. For the Ground Beam, just wait until the beams get close to you and walk right up to one without touching it and wait for it to pass; you shouldn't get hit if you're in an area between two beams that doesn't get touched by them. For the Fat Beam Ball (still makes me laugh..) just hold down until it passes.

Eventually, once you destroy both his hands, you'll kill him and get to the..


U.F.O. Form:
This asshole is now flying in a space ship. You hurt him by shooting the center of his ship when it is open and green is showing. He'll also start by moving to the side and releasing the ugliest little buggers imaginable at you. It's cool though; they're weak shit. Just shoot at them, pushing them backwards and flipping them in the air and whatnot, and pick up any power-ups they drop.

He has 2 primary attacks:
Ball Thrower - He goes to the middle and shoots some Fat Beam Balls at you. They're really easy to avoid. When they spawn, the pull back a little and tween right to where you were standing.
Double Laser - He'll move to the side and down and start shaking like crazy. Then He shoots out two lasers, each from his sides (angling down at ground obviously) and he tween to the other side, covering the entire playing field.

NOTE: He will usually spit out those quick little buggers one or two more times during the battle; it depends on how long you take to kill him.

For Ball Thrower, a good strategy is to just run from one side of the map to the other, while trying to shoot at his weak spot the whole time. They don't move very fast so you can easily avoid them as long as you don't get stuck in a corner with two flying at you. As for the Double Laser, just get directly under him and when he moves, you move with him shooting up at him the whole time while you're running.

After awhile you'll take him down and get to the...


Tentacled Form:
The train will stop moving, and he's just gonna bomb the shit out of you. Don't worry though, it doesn't hurt at all. Next thing you know, you're falling.. Yay.. WAIT! Oh noes! You don't have your gun! It's falling on the right side of him. Go above him and around him to get your gun and start shooting. In this battle you basically just shoot. You automatically aim left or right depending on which side of him you're on. You move yourself around by using the arrow keys. Keep in mind you are constantly being pulled upward; so you move faster upward than downward.

He has 3 primary attacks:
Darth Maul Wannabe - He starts the battle with this. It's just a thin laser that goes from one end up the screen to the other and it rotates 180 degrees.
Missile Mayhem - He shoots 4 missiles at you that follow you around until you blow them up.
Super Baller - He shoots out 2 waves of a bunch of balls in a circle formation from his body. The first wave moves slowly and the second fast.

NOTE: You hurt him by shooting the red thing on his head.

For the Darth Maul Wannabe attack, just avoid the slowly spinning light saber laser thing by moving in the same direction that it's rotating. For the Super Baller attack, just stand back from him and dodge the balls as they spread out; opening holes for you to slide through. For the Missile Mayhem attack, they spawn in 4 corners of a big invisible box around him, so just stay away from him a little and dodge them as they come at you while you shoot. You should also blow them up as soon as possible.

To beat him just be patient and keep shooting while dodging his attacks. If you can get Missiles with a Spread on them (shoots 3 missiles that auto-lock onto him) you can kill him very fast without taking any damage. If you can get Flamethrower with a Spread on it then just go right up to him and tear him up in a few seconds. You may get hit once, but it really won't matter at that point unless you're already near death on your last life.

After a minute or two he'll be dead and you'll be facing his..


Brain Form:
In this form he just moves around the map randomly.

He has 1 primary attack:
Balls Deep - He never stops going Balls Deep here boys. He just keeps shooting red Fat Beam Balls at you while he slides around.

GOOD NOTE: Power-ups randomly spawn from the bottom middle of the map. :D
BAD NOTE: You only have like 2000 ft to fall before you die.. and it counts down pretty quickly.

Again, if you have Spread on Flamethrower or Missiles that would be fantastic for a quick victory. If not, just avoid him and the balls that tween towards you at spawn, and never stop shooting.

Eventually you kill him and then you..


.. get to choose which medal you want.. YAY! :D

- Wait for the timer to count down to 0 and fall into the lava pit -

- Grab the Tank Man's hand and get flown to safety -

Mission Accomplished



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2009-05-07 21:25:19

Good work on this walkthrough. Though, I finished it it had lots of great information. You should put that the cheat is the "G" key. I'm putting your walkthrough in my profile :)

Caraboo responds:

Wow, I didn't even know about that.. Haha


2009-05-07 21:37:51

After flamethrower is the PLASMA weapon (one shot) and then spread for that (3x). I have no idea whats after that though, as I beat the game all the time by then. Plasma sucks, though since its just spread shot, but slower with stronger hits. Better off staying at 3x missiles or flamethrower.


2009-05-11 07:16:42

You forgot the Laser power-up

(Updated ) Caraboo responds:

Does it actually ever fall? Because I've never seen it get dropped once..

EDIT: Yep I replayed and it falls after you have Flamethrower on the brain form. That's the only time I've ever seen it though. Thanks! :D