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Attempting Drunken Deity (DELAYED)

2009-04-27 03:48:27 by Caraboo


Seeing as how there are only 5 people who have accomplished this so far:
Wylo, wismty, life, Varien, & Fleshlight
I decided it's a good time to go for it myself. Seeing as how I have every other possible achievement at this time, why not give it a shot, right? :D

So here we go on 4/26 to start the wild ride that is Brutal on Alkie Kong 2!

I'll be updating this whenever I attempt new crap on it. I'm also using a different technique to practice the levels than wismty.. I think.

I'm hoping to get the achievement in 3 days but we'll see if I can actually pull that off. It's actually very poor timing for me to start this seeing as how it's week 8 and I'm on a 10 week quarter system at RIT.. and this is like hell week. All the second midterms are this week along with papers so we'll see if I even have any time to do this at all.

=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Startin her up at around 10 PM without any trouble from the first 3 levels at all, a little trouble on 4 a few times with bats and barely any problems with 5. 6 Is a pain but I figured it out so far and can get past it without getting hurt. Level 7 was also a pain with the 2 molties but I practiced jumping them for a good ten minutes and passed easily.

So I'm ending this on a rather good note for the first day with levels 1-9 done flawlessly by 3:30 in the morning. (I only ended up playing this game for probably an hour and a half of those 5 hours though) Can't wait til tomorrow.. kind of.. :P

I forgot to update this today but ya I haven't worked on it at all today. Had a midterm today, have another tomorrow I've been studying for, and also a paper due tomorrow that I have to still do right now. So ya, I don't have anything Wednesday though so hopefully I'll be able to give it another go tomorrow night.

4/28 - 5/4
Still haven't worked on it at all yet.. Which basically makes everything I did like 4 days ago worthless. My last midterm this week is tomorrow (today technically), so I'll be able to go for it tomorrow night maybe. If not, there's always the weekend. Yay... I doubt anyone is reading this anyways.. hmmm.. Hey if you are reading this comment something. Haha I want to know if anyone out there is actually legit checking this.. at all.. Maybe if I stay high up in the medals ranks and people start looking at my news thingy more often I'll start doing fun things in it? Probably not.. but comment anyways! :D

Still not doing anything for it. I'll beat the Epic Battle Fantasy on Epic before I do that, obviously. In any case, it's definitely looking to be put on hold for another 2 weeks. Hopefully no one else will get it by then so I can at least have some victory by being in the top 10 firsts to get it. Haha

Again, not doing anything for it. Finishing up Doom Triple Pack, which I've finally gotten enough time to play now. Just gotta start Heretic and see where that takes me. This is my last week of classes starting tomorrow, then finals next week, so after that maybe I'll get some work done on DD. But chances are still slim, I probably won't have enough time to sit around and play games on my computer because most of my friends are already back in town and I've got some summer drinking to do before one of them leaves early June. Then I have my girlfriend's brother's wedding on like the 13th. So I'll be busy with that for like 3 days before and a day after I guess.

Damn yo I forgot about this. Still not doing it right now. Haha

For anyone actually reading this (doubtful) you must be really bored. Haha


Attempting Drunken Deity (DELAYED)


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2009-04-27 06:28:08

What pisses me off are those people that are using controllers or joysticks instead of the keyboard. I am shit with a keyboard on that game.


2009-04-27 06:45:45

Also good luck, wish you the best

Caraboo responds:

I didn't even know there were joystick things. I'm just using my good old keyboard. Haha thanks though man. I hope I can make some progress today when I get time to play later.


2009-05-01 04:02:52

I've never put this much effort into beating a game, ever!

I hope my videos will help you if you ever get stuck, good luck!

Caraboo responds:

Haha ya I haven't played since the first day I started to go for this.. so I'm falling behind a little. I did actually use one of your videos for a level but I've found a lot of my own patterns that I like and seems pretty non-random with the bats and whatnot. I'll let you know when I get the achivement, although it probably won't come until late may or early summer when I have the time.


2009-05-03 17:32:34

I think gdsgsfsfgs hacked that medal.

Caraboo responds:

I agree with you on that. He just doesn't seem all that skilled with the questions he asks about other games that are WAY simpler and easier than Alkie Kong 2. If you can dig up any proof I say try to convict him but as of right now I can't find anything explicit that would suffice as evidence other than he seems like he sucks at easy games a lot..


2009-05-04 00:22:24

gdf already confessed that he hacked. Life says his medals will soon be deleted

Caraboo responds:

hacking = pussyshit