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Mother's Day

2008-05-11 13:34:28 by Caraboo

Ok well to start, a few years ago I found flash and I used to be really into it but never made anything big. So I have a huge folder with a bunch of small useless crap that I can't do anything with. Anyways, this is the first time I actually made something in a fashion that I could submit it to Newgrounds.

Well I made it last night at 2 AM because I didn't buy my mom a card for Mother's Day so I worked on this and made it in about an hour.
Here's the result: Happy Mother's Day

Oh and I doubt this means anything to anyone reading this... if there is anyone... I'm working on something that I just thought of. And the idea is really good so it might cancel out my subpar animating abilities. lol

Thanks for reading! :D

Mother's Day


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